Prices and tickets

Ticket prices 2019

Buy Fløibanen tickets

Children under 4 travel free on Fløibanen when accompanied by a paying adult. Children between 4 and 15 require a child ticket.
Concessionary fares are available for people over 67, except in June, July and August. Valid ID is required when buying discounted tickets.

Family tickets for Fløibanen funicular

We sell family tickets for a return journey on Fløibanen funicular for two adults and two children (between 4 and 15). Everyone will be given their own ticket.

The family ticket costs NOK 240,-

Sledge ticket

Sled down from Mount Fløyen to Skansemyren/Fjellveien and take the Fløibanen funicular up again all evening if you like.
Get the special sledge ticket.

Adult  200 NOK
Children 100 NOK

Bergen Card

Holders of the Bergen Card are entitled to one free return journey on the Fløibanen funicular in the following periods: 1 January to 30 April and 1 October to 31 December.
Before boarding the funicular, you must present a valid Bergen Card at the Fløibanen ticket office in order to obtain a return ticket. Don’t forget to check the opening times for the ticket office.
During the summer, in the period from 1 May to 30 September, we offer a 50% discount on presentation of a valid Bergen Card. Please note that tickets must be purchased at the Fløibanen ticket office at the lower station.

Vouchers (requisitions)

Groups with a voucher/requisition issued by a tour operator, travel agency, company or similar must go to the ticket office to exchange the voucher for tickets.
All members of the group must have their own ticket in order to pass through the gates at the upper and lower stations.
Reps, guides, etc. must sign for the number of tickets issued. This forms the basis for subsequent invoicing.
Always remember to state the tour operator’s correct company name and invoicing address. Reps/guides must present valid ID when collecting tickets.

Reservations on Fløibanen

There is no need to book places in advance as the railway runs continuously at times of high demand. However, we ask school classes and large groups to let us know their arrival time in advance.

Call us at +47 55 33 68 10. You can arrange a time to collect tickets at the ticket office.

Ticket machines

Individuals can buy tickets from the ticket machines at all Fløibanen’s stations, including the lower station and on top of Mount Fløyen.
Group tickets and similar are not available from the ticket machines.
The ticket machines accept Norwegian coins (not notes) and the following cards: Visa, MasterCard and Maestro.

Accessibility – wheelchairs and prams/pushchairs

All stations have electronic ticket readers and gates/glass doors that open once tickets have been read and approved. All stations also have a gate designed for wheelchairs and prams/pushchairs.

Adults travelling with children under 4, who do not have their own ticket, must be sure to let their child go through the gate in front of them.

The doors remain closed until the carriage enters the station.
There are lifts at the upper and lower stations to make things easier for wheelchair users and people with prams/pushchairs.