Ziplinepark at Mount Fløyen

Feel the adrenaline and fly between the trees of Fløyen.

Welome to FløyenKids ziplinepark open Saturday and Sunday until October 14th 2018

Our ziplinepark consits of 5 ziplines in a round loop. You will fly through the trees at the top of Mount Fløyen and get a wonderful sense of freedom and joy.
The ziplinepark is situated behind the small woods behind the playground at Mount Fløyen.

Online booking is recommended to make sure to zip at the time you prefer.
Drop-in on site is possible.

Meeting point for the zipline:
Fløyen Active, close to the playground and top station at Fløibanen, Mount Fløyen.
We have training sessions for the zipline every hour: 12.00, 13.00, 14.00, 15.00, 16.00 and 17.00.


All participants must wear a harness and helmet while using the zipline.  After the registration, and signing the Zipline declaration,  you’ll have a training session from our staff before you enter the zipline in the trees.
All our staff are sertifed and trained staff. The ziplinepark is sertifed through international and national standars for safety.

Minimum height:
140 cm
Maximum weight: 120 kg


1 round: 75 NOK
3 rounds: 150 NOK

1 round: 125 NOK
3 rounds: 250 NOK

Do you have questions concerning the zipline? Please e-mail us;