Tour 10 – Over the mountain plain to Ulriken

Fløyen – over Vidden – Ulriken – Haukelandsveien
Duration: 5 – 6 hours – Distance: 18 km (11,1 miles) – Grade: Intermediate/difficult

We recommend packing extra clothes, food and drink for this hike, which mostly covers open, high mountain terrain.

Download detailed tour description and map (PDF)!


Map of Tour 10 from Fløyen in Bergen Norway

Tour description:

From Fløyen, follow the track to Brushytten cabin then up to Rundemanen and past Store Tindevann lake. Cross the bridge and turn left, then take the track on the right. The ground is at first varied, but is in good condition on the descent towards Hyttelien. At the bottom of the descent, the path splits and you continue on the marked path on the left. The hike continues towards the east, up Jordalskaret pass and to Øvre Jordalsvann lake.

Follow the west bank of the lake and cross the dam. You have a steep climb up to Trappefjellet peak, with precipitous cliffs falling down to Tarlebøvannet lake on the righthand side. Please keep to the left part of the path when conditions are wet and slippery.

You get your reward when you reach the top of the climb, with breathtaking views to the north. The path winds onwards, climbing lightly at first then descending into Borgarskaret pass then back up again on the other side. From there, it is an easy climb to the mountain plain, Vidden.

Once up on Vidden, you pass Storhaugen (662 metres above sea level) on the right. This is worth a detour for the views alone, of Bergen and the sea in the west, the Folgefonna glacier in the south and the mountains in the east. The cairn on Storhaugen has been named the human rights cairn thanks to the memorial plaque installed there to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Norway’s liberation in 1945.

Return to the path from Storhaugen and follow the line of cairns and poles. After crossing Smedmyren marsh, the path splits. If you take the left option, you will pass Turnerhytten cabin, but most people continue straight ahead to Årstadhytten cabin and Djervhytten cabin.

If you prefer to descend on the Ulriksbanen cable car, take the trail to the right. To descend by foot, continue south – past Årstadhytten, up to Lorthaug and down towards Skiveien, Montana and Haukeland hospital. This is a real day out on the mountains.

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