Canoeing at lake Skomakerdiket

From June 23rd to August 26th 2018, we offer free canoeing at lake Skomakerdiket, close to Fløyen.

Every summer Fløyen and Bergen kommune offer free canoeing at lake Skomakerdiket.
Lake Skomakerdiket is a short walk (10 minutes) from Fløibanens top station at Mt.Fløyen. Follow the signs from the playground and Fløyen Aktiv. You will walk on nice mountain roads from Fløyen to lake Skomakerdiket, and here is also easy access with strollers and wheel chairs.

We have all eqipment needed free of charge, and you must wear a life jacket while paddling. Our friendly staff will coordinate and help all our guests.

The canoes can not be booked in advance.  Drop-in on site. If lovely weather you might have to wait a little while, but not too long as we have 10 canoes on the lake at the same time.

The canoe rental is open every day in the period June 23rd to August 26th 2018:  from 11.00 AM to 15.00 PM.

Welome to a beautiful paddling experience at Mount Fløyen!