Explore Mount Fløyen. We offer hiking, biking, zipline, canoe-paddling and also have great playgrounds for all children

Enjoy beautiful views of Bergen while hiking or biking at Mount Fløyen. Here are endless opportunities for walks and hikes at Mount Fløyen.
We offer daily guided hikes during the summer from the Fløyen Aktiv, close to the top-station of Fløibanen.

Check our Mountainbikes and have a lovely bike tour in the mountains or feel the adrenalin in technical single-tracks. We offer hardtail bikes and full suspensionbikes from TREK and Scott. We also have juniorbikes.

Bring your kids and family to explore our playgrounds, paddle the canoes at Lake Skomakerdiket, fly between the trees in our ziplinepark or look for the trolls in the Troll forest. Have you ever kissed a goat? Meet our cosy kashmir- goats at Mount Fløyen.

Walks and hikes on Fløyen

We have compiled 10 suggestions for walks and hikes in the mountains around Bergen with Mount Fløyen as starting point. The suggestions are of different lengths and duration. What they all have in common is that they take you on a hike through exciting terrain and on tours you haven’t necessarily done before.

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little boy greeting a billy goat on mount fløyen bergen norway

Meet our goats

Fløyenguttene (The Fløyen Boys), the Goats on Mount Fløyen, are cashmere goats, and help us keep the greenery at bay. Come visit them during spring and summer time!

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zipline at the top of mount fløyen bergen norway

Ziplinepark at Mount Fløyen

Feel the adrenaline and fly between the trees of Fløyen.

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Activities for kids and families

There are many different activities to try on Fløyen through the year. Here is an overview of activities you can enjoy with your children:

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Visit Fløyen

Fløibanen is a must for every tourist and visitor to Bergen. Fløibanen is one of Norway’s best-known attractions and the only funicular railway in Norway.

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